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Plagiarism Check Online

Free online AI-based plagiarism checker. Identifying unique and plagiarized content. Softtecho plagiarism detector looks through millions of online sources to find instances of plagiarism in your content and provides a detailed report with a percentage. It helps you identify which of your content's sentences are unique and which are plagiarized.

Why we need to check plagiarism?

We need to check for plagiarism because we need to avoid the unlicensed use of work without the permission of the real author. To avoid the unauthorized use of another person's works without the original author's permission, we must check for plagiarism. Because of this, duplication is viewed as unethical and decreases the value of the work's uniqueness.

Why we need a plagiarism checker?

Nowadays, with the development of millions of online sites and other online resources, the question is the accuracy of the content. You become aware of the importance of tools that can detect plagiarism when you read lines in a research paper, report, or work of fiction that you identify and ask whether they were also created by someone else.

Online plagiarism checker.

It is possible to use any type of technology to use our web-based plagiarism detection. With this web application for checking plagiarism, you won't need to install extra extensions or software.

  • Fast and easy to use

  • This is a free plagiarism checker

  • Compare text from other resources

  • Supports all browser usability

  • User-friendly and simple interface

  • Unlimited usage for checking plagiarism

You can easily access our online plagiarism checker and detect instances of plagiarism in a few clicks, whether you have a smartphone, an iPhone, a computer, or a laptop device. To check for plagiarism online with the SoftTecho plagiarism checker, all you need to do is connect your device to a stable internet connection.